The following are all sites that have been a great blessing to me in one way or another over the years of my Christian walk. I pray that you will find them useful for your own spiritual growth as well.

Sincerely, in Christ.

Bill M.



Koinonia House, (K-House for short) is the expositionary ministry of Chuck and Nancy Missler. There are hours upon hours of great Bible teaching available here as well as many special ‘briefing packs’ and articles focused on topics such as current events, Christian doctrine, Bible prophecy, and much, much more. Highly reccomended resource.


Hal Lindsey is a living legend in the area of Bible prophecy and a prolific author of many best selling books throughout the last four decades. He currently hosts the half hour Hal Lindsey Report on many Christian networks, and covers current events through the lens of Biblical prophecy and the light of an uncompromisingly Christian worldview.


Chuck Smith is the founder of Calvary Chapel and the pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He has lead a revolution in verse by verse expositional teaching over the past few decades, and has influenced many the world over, in regards to educating them on the simple truths of Scripture. He is the host of ‘The Word for Today’ radio broadcast which can be found on his website, as well as in depth audio commentary on every single book of the Bible.


Dave Hunt is the author of a good number of great books having to do with Biblical discernment, end times prophecy, and other general Bible studies. He runs this website along with T.A McMahon, which features excerpts of their radio broadcasts, and also a good number of articles on a wide range of topics.


E-Sword is a wonderful piece of free Bible software to aid you along in your study of God’s Word. It has many powerful tools such as word searchable Hebrew and Greek dictionaries as well as various commentaries, concordances, and maps most of which are absolutely one hundred percent free of charge. There are also some resources available for purchase as well. This is the program I use for my own daily Bible readings, and I cannot imagine how I would get along without it!

theWord Bible Software

The Word is a wonderful piece of free Bible software that I have been using recently. It offers a vast array of resources and is extremely user friendly. Simply put, this is Bible software on par with a lot of the commercial stuff out there, only, for free! I still love my E-sword, and have alot of notes there, but TheWord has quickly come to rival it in terms of monopolizing my online study time.






The blog of my friend and frequent writing partner Jimmy, a sincere and devout Christian, and a daily student of the Scriptures for over a full lustrum (five years)  now. Check this blog often to see what new stories and insights that he may offer up. I know I will.