From the Rules & Guidelines thread.


“These are the rules. Read them, heed them. I do not intend for this to be a stuffy forum with over zealous moderation, but for the sake of order (and my sanity) some basic rules have been set in place. For first offenses, a warning will be issued. After that, if warranted, a temporary banning from the forum will take place with the second offense, with a perma-ban being a last resort option. However in some extreme instances, at the moderator’s discretion, a perma-ban may be implemented before either a warning or a temp-ban in the instance of a flagrant and willful violation of either one or a combination of any of the rules listed below.


Mocking or insulting of God or Christianity will not be tolerated. This includes ridiculing or speaking in an irreverent manner as it relates to any Person of The Godhead, be it the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit.


This is a Christian forum, meant for fellowship, so please mind your language and behave in a cordial manner with fellow believers. Personal attacks or ‘flames’ against other users will not be tolerated. In addition to the previous blasphemy rule, vulgarity will be defined as the prominent use of curse or swear words. Keep all discussions PG please. Also it goes without saying that posting indecent images/videos, or anything else that would break that PG rating code, would also be in violation of this rule.


Any post or posts deemed as ‘spam’ will be automatically deleted and the account responsible for it will be IP banned.

These rules are a work in progress. When it is deemed necessary to implement a new rule or alter/clarify a current one, we will do so, so please check here every now and again to stay up to date.”


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