Jimmy’s Blog Spotlight: Science and the Bible


Hello, Billy here, just thought I’d give you all a heads up here and tell you about a fascinating series of blogs being written by my online amigo in Christ, the ever honorable Jimmy, entitled ‘Science and the Bible’.  It is a two part series (thus far) that goes a long way to confirm that true Christianity and true science are not only not an anathema to each other, they are in fact, soul mates! Jimmy is far more adept at explaining this than I am though, so with that said, I will now point you in the direction of his new series, and allow his words to speak for themselves. Click either of the following links to continue on to his blog postings. My sincerest prayer is that they may prove to be as edifying to you as they were to me.

Science and the Bible: Part One

Science and the Bible: Part Two

God bless.

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