On Our President’s Twisting Of The Scriptures

Hello and welcome to the first article to be posted here at the Bible Bunker blog. Today’s subject mixes the worlds of politics and the Bible, and I’m sure it will ruffle some feathers, so if you’re the squeamish type, read ahead with caution. The following is a video of what was at the time, our future President, stating his very low public opinion on what should be every true Christian’s most prized possession, that being the sixty six books that together make up our Holy Scriptures, the Word of God. I know the following video, and what I write after it is bound to offend people, probably people I know, and people I like, but I feel a leading to not remain silent about this issue, so if you would allow me some of your time, please watch the following video, and then read on afterwards.

I would like to begin this rebuttal to my President’s statement there, by pointing out what a glib and thoughtless characterization of the Bible that was, and most appallingly in my mind is, that it came from the mouth of someone who somehow has the temerity (or the audacity I should say) to call himself a Christian.

Now first off, those commandments he brought up in Deuteronomy and Leviticus about putting sons and daughters to death should they ‘wander from the faith’ were given to a specific set of people for a specific time in history or a specific ‘dispensation’ if you will and are in no way whatsoever to be interpreted as a command for us today to go out and “kill all the unbelievers” as some uniformed and uneducated “higher critics” would assume, however they do point out a very sobering and unchanging attribute of God that some of us would do well to take note of, that being God’s absolute refusal to accept anything other than complete one hundred percent true devotion and total commitment in the life of His followers, not meaning that God seeks to be ‘number one on a list of ten’… but rather that He wants and demands to be ‘number one on a list of one’ with everything else not even being in the same ballpark or close to it…. I quote (in a slight paraphrase) Jesus our Messiah here who said “He who loves his own family more than Me is not worthy of Me”… Our lives should be in this order in terms of priority, God first, above and beyond everything else, with other people coming in second, and ourselves last.

Now to get back on the subject of those aforementioned commandments, the nation of people those abovementioned scriptures were given to had been allowed the inestimable privilege to witness on a scale not seen before or since, the awesome power and deliverance of God, in such a direct, personal, startling, and undeniable way, that anyone who could afterward (especially among His own chosen flock) flirt with other ‘gods’ would indeed be accountable, even unto death for such an act of ultimate ingratitude. There are also a couple passages in Zechariah 13 and 14 that talk about commandments of a similar nature of those aforementioned ones in Deuteronomy and Leviticus returning during the tribulation age after the Church is taken out of here in the Rapture, where parents are ordered to kill even their own children should they ‘prophesy falsely in God’s name’…

It’s a hard teaching to accept or understand from a New Testament perspective, but instead of ignorantly making rash decisions about the text, you have to look at it from the perspective of the patience of God that He has so graciously bestowed upon the human race for more than two thousand years now, and more than that if you start counting from the Creation instead of the Crucifixion. Nevertheless there is coming a certain time period where that patience will have been fully exhausted, and then once again, in a different, but still analogous way to that of the Israelites who wondered in the wilderness for forty years when those commands were given them, anyone left on Earth at that particular time in history written about in Zechariah and Revelation, will have been so exposed to the undeniable power and presence of God, that those who are judged in such a way for their own wickedness or apostasy during that period will have no one to blame for it but themselves. As Christ said so aptly, ‘To whom much is given, much is required’… Those words of Christ there are not the typical sugar coated Sunday morning pap you often hear, for certain, and neither are the bits in Leviticus or Deuteronomy or other parts of the Bible, hard to understand for some, that you also rarely hear preached on or even brought up in most pulpits, but it is God’s Word and deserving of respect and reverence regardless, so unless President Obama is prepared to confess that his own outward profession of faith is nothing more than a tacked on bit of window dressing that he uses to sway voters within a certain religious demographic, then he should either repent of his above statements or publicly recant his ‘faith’ and at least be intellectually honest with both himself and with his constituency about his feelings concerning the doctrines and truths taught explicitly in God’s Word.

Moreover, we should never forget that we, even at this very moment, have also been presented with a most precious gift from God that he has given directly to us which He will hold us accountable for some day. And I’m not just speaking in the terms of the great heritage we as Americans have in this once great nation of ours, but much more than that, in the ultimate offering of love, in Christ Himself, in that He died for us all voluntarily on the cross while we were still sinners apart and opposed to God in every way imaginable, or to look at it from the Father’s perspective, that He had to sit back and watch people torture and kill His only begotten Son in the most heinous death one can think of in order that we may be redeemed and brought back to Him someday. Now, with the overwhelming perspective of that most sobering sacrifice sitting in front of us, how can we lift an accusatory finger in God’s presence, when at the appointed time of judgment, those whom He died so torturous a death to purchase, who, as in the case of our President here, openly mock His Word (which He places above even His own name in terms of significance and reverence) are dealt with in the harshest way imaginable? We can’t, and we won’t. As an untold amount of Scripture indicates, and as Johnny Cash (if you’ll allow me the secular reference here) once so powerfully sung in one of his final recordings before his death… “Sooner or later God’s gonna cut em’ down” And the only thing the redeemed will say at that time will be ‘Amen and Hallelujah’ for God’s righteousness finally being avenged, by Himself personally, as only He is in a position to do.

Before I wrap this up here, there’s a telling dichotomy here that I’d like to point out in closing, between the pseudo-religious words ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’ that we’ve all learned over the years in Sunday School settings where they were used more or less interchangeably at times. There is however, a big difference between those two words and the ideas they represent. Grace is getting a gift (salvation in this case) that we don’t (and could not possibly) deserve. Mercy on the other hand, is not getting, that which we do deserve, that being God’s judgment for our many sins against His Holy nature, since as King David pointed out in the Psalms, all sin, regardless of how big or small, is sin against God, and left un-dealt with, will lead to the just recompense, which is (eternal) death and suffering and separation from the presence of God. And as Paul wrote ‘There is none righteous, no, not one!”… So none of us have the right to act high and mighty or claim that we are anything other than sinners saved by grace, as that’s not the point I was trying to drive at here at all. It’s just that watching that video I put up top there made me boil over with righteous anger and gave me the need to vent it out here in this format.

I used to just consider Obama misguided on many important issues, but now, I cannot even look at him for a second without my stomach turning. There was a time when a man who held such open contempt for the Bible would’ve never been allowed access to the highest office in the land, of which President Obama currently holds. Certainly none of the founding fathers would’ve ever made a comment such as that. George Washington himself once said “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible” and on top of that Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; and that His justice will not sleep forever..” With that prestigious legacy of faith and integrity to live up to, these kinds of comments from our ‘Commander in Chief ‘ should start an uprising within the Christian Body at large in America. However, the fact that they have not, is probably evidence of how far we’ve fallen already in so short a time. Personally, and I speak purely for myself here, comments like that paint a picture to me of a wholly unregenerate, hypocritical, and counterfeit Christian, who is in my estimate, a most disturbing and disconcerting disgrace to the office he holds. That’s about as lucid and straightforward a comment I feel able to make at this time, so I will let that statement sink in and allow it to speak for itself for now. That’s not to suggest that even he is outside the reach of God’s mercy and grace that I talked about earlier, but merely just to state my opinion of the man, based on the policies and agendas that he has set forth so far.

For those of you who may have had your illusions shattered, while I do not apologize in any way, shape, or form, I urge that once the shock wears off that you get yourself informed on the issues out there, and most importantly, get yourself equipped, by reading your Bible, Old and New Testament, every single day, and most importantly, do so in a humble and serious manner, so that you can quickly fill in any ‘chinks’ in your shield of faith, so that derisive comments like the ones spoken here by Barack Hussein Obama and other skeptics and Bible bashers in general, won’t catch you off guard or rattle you in any way, but you’ll be able to pick up the sword of truth, and enter into the battle out there with no fear whatsoever of the enemy’s arrows and other attacks. God bless you and thanks for reading.

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